Sunday, August 14, 2016

“Hey they beatin’ up every white person!”

LBJ's great grandkids doing their thing in Milwaukee on Saturday night.

Is this what LBJ has in mind when he launched his crony statist Great Society program?




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  1. Those homeys would be dead on the floor if they tried that here. While I know it is wrong, it's hard to feel sorry for those white folk who want to live in those cities where they aren't allowed to protect themselves, and think the guv is there to protect them. Idiots.
    In Fairbanks, the video would be somewhat like, "hey look yo! They gonna beat that white az... Whoa!! They dropping like flies yo! Those whiteys got gatz!
    And so do the blacks here. We respect each other. Because you never know if the guy your dragging out of the car has a bigger gun than you.
    And, more importantly, knows how to use it quite well.