Wednesday, August 24, 2016

HEROIC U of Chicago to Incoming Students: We Do Not Support Safe Spaces or Trigger Warnings

The University of Chicago recently made it clear to its crop of incoming students that academic freedom and inquiry remain pillars at the institution, and that the university does not support "so-called" trigger warnings or offer safe spaces that allow students "to retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own. Here is how the university welcomed its incoming class of 2020:
Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance to the college at the University of Chicago. Earning a place in our community of scholars is no small achievement and we are delighted that you selected Chicago to continue your intellectual journey.
Once here you will discover that one of the University of Chicago’s defining characteristics is our commitment to freedom of inquiry and expression. … Members of our community are encouraged to speak, write, listen, challenge, and learn, without fear of censorship. Civility and mutual respect are vital to all of us, and freedom of expression does not mean the freedom to harass or threaten others. You will find that we expect members of our community to be engaged in rigorous debate, discussion, and even disagreement. At times this may challenge you and even cause discomfort.
And then, the coup de grace:
Our commitment to academic freedom means that we do not support so called ‘trigger warnings,’ we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces’ where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own.
The entire letter is here.


  1. What was customary a few decades ago is now unusual. All hail U of Chicago.

  2. Maybe a little off topic, BUT...
    I've noted a radical increase in friendly engagement by black men in the US (I'm ***REALLY*** white!).
    I mean smiles, Yo Bro, Thanks, Man, just good vibes all around. I'm thinking this is a direct backlash against all the BLM BS.
    In my opinion, these good men want to be part of our mutual society and feel they're being typecast as surly separatists.
    So yeah, there is hope, fellow cynic!.

    1. In a general sense the loudest people are always given the biggest spotlight. So with BLM as loud and obnoxious as it is will get the media attention while another black person who doesn't like BLM but believes police should be reigned in is ignored. Its also the goal of radical groups to eliminate the what is grey zone. In regards to police militarization people in the grey zone are those who think domestic police are abusive but have no use for BLM. In turn BLM brands those people as apart of Blue Lives Matter while Blue Lives Matter doesn't like that person either.