Friday, August 19, 2016

Gun Control is Anti-Female, Anti-Elderly

I have written about this before, in a post last year, titled, Gun Control is Anti-Female, I wrote:
Although I don't personally carry a gun with me, I do consider a gun the great equalizer. To be against individuals carrying guns is really to be anti-female. If gun carrying became more common, a thug would think long and hard before attempting to rob or otherwise harm an individual.

More women carrying guns in their purses would probably be the greatest deterrent that could develop against rape. Anti-gun advocates are really providing an edge to rapists.
So I was happy to come across this from Murray Rothbard in the new book, Never a Dull Moment: A Libertarian Look at the Sixties:
The revolver used to be called "the equalizer," and so it is. Without such a weapon the weak, the frail, the elderly, and women cannot compete with the muscles and clubs and strong armed criminals, even if the latter do not have guns. But women,the frail and the aged can shoot straight, and this gives them much more of a chance in the jungles that many of our cities have become. If he knows that his victim may be armed the mugger or the rapist will think twice before attacking; now it is open season.

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  1. Gun control is all that and more. It is anti-minority, anti-individualist, and pro-victimization. It fosters dependence on some unanswerable monopoly state agency. It is the litmus test that L. Neil Smith said would allow you to see right through a politician's heart bypassing all the double-talk. It is the essence of those with statist ambitions. Gun control is where the physically stronger or numerically superior evildoers can rob, rape, assault, or murder the weak with zero recourse.