Thursday, August 18, 2016

Donald Trump's Other Scary General

I have already reported a number of times ont Retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who accompanied Donald Trump to his first intelligence briefing yesterday,

But there is another general that is emerging close to Trump.

Yesterday, Trump held a national security meeting at Trump tower.

Directly to the left of him in the photo below is Flynn to the right of him is Retired Army Lt. Gen. Joseph "Keith" Kellogg.

When you here military-industrial complex, think General Kellogg.

In 2005,  he told the Washington Post:
When I decided to leave the military, I realized that the skills I acquired there were transferable to the commercial world both in leadership and the information technology field. I made the decision to move to Oracle because of its strong leadership role. I was given the opportunity to establish a homeland security business unit at Oracle based on the skills I developed in the military and on the value that information technology can bring to homeland security. I had been there for six months when Oracle was asked by [Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld] if they would put me on a leave of absence to go to Iraq in an effort to transfer our role in governance to the Iraqis. Once I set the strategic plans in place, I returned to Oracle to continue in my position as senior vice president.
Got that? A total military-industrial complex crony. In addition, he was one of the senior on the ground officials who screwed up post-war Iraq, which has resulted in the current hornets nest of civil unrest and terrorists.

I'm talking senior.

He was the Chief Operating Officer of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq from November 2003  through March 2004. He reported directly in Iraq to that complete incompetent Paul Bremer.

He currently serves as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Cubic Corporation.

Cubic, among other things, helps it clients "collect and analyze large-scale data" and "Cubic Global Defense provides a wide-range of services and technologies designed to answer the global challenges associated with ensuring national security."

Total evil crony.

These are the men closest to Trump when it comes to national security.


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  1. Trump looks extremely tired in the bottom pic. Those are some triple tiered bags under his eyes. I wonder if this whole act is wearing him down.