Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Donald Trump vs. Murray Rothbard

Justin Raimondo writes:
Trump is a captive of the ridiculous idea that once we’re in we have to stay in and fight until we achieve “victory.” What he doesn’t realize is that when you’ve dug yourself into a hole the way out is to stop digging..
Murray Rothbard wrote about such thinking in relation to the Vietnam War:
And so the last line of defense for the war's proponents is: Well, maybe it was a mistake to get into a war but now that we're there we're committed, so we have to carry on.
A curious argument. Usually, in life, if we find out that a course of action has been mistake, we abandon that course and try something else. This is supposed to be the time-honored principle of "trial and error." Or if a business project investment turns out to be an unprofitable venture., we abandon it and try investing elsewhere. Only in the Vietnam war do we suddenly find that, having launched a disaster, we are stuck with it forevermore and must continue to pour blood and treasure until eternity.

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