Sunday, August 21, 2016

Detroit at Night: Motown Becomes Mow Town


  1. Outside of the attempt to run that one guy over, it seems like your standard night in most poor areas of cities. Hookers, loud obnoxious people and people hanging around liquor and convenience stores.

  2. Going from suburban Grosse Pointe Park to Detroit is stunning. On Charlevoix, after passing the GP/Detroit border (Alter Rd.), I took some pictures last week of the first three streets in Detroit at Charlevoix and Kercheval streets.

    First block, Ashland:

    Second block, Manistique:

    Third block, Phillip, looking back towards the Grosse Pointe border on Kercheval (the red lights). That’s as close as I would go to that bar.

    It’s normal for entire neighborhoods of well built housing to just decay and disappear, right?

    If you tried to buy that land to set up an AnCap neighborhood with a private school for blacks only where drugs were banned and inhabitants and visitors were vetted, the SJW's and MSM would go ballistic. What's there now doesn't seem to bother them.