Monday, August 29, 2016

David Friedman: "Trump will be in a position to do considerably more damage than Clinton.

TG emails:
David Friedman says Trump (despite media fantasy) is actually center-left
Of course, he is. He takes the worst from all sides.

Consider economics alone: He is pro low interest rates (bankster policy), anti-trade (nationalist policy) and an advocate of national industrial policy (extreme left policy, think Robert Reich).

He has warmonger tendencies, He has social justice warrior tendencies. Bad guy.


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  1. It's very difficult to say which anti-freedom nuclear weapon is more damaging: Trump or Clinton.

    While all of your and David Friedman's points are valid, I would proffer that Trump is going to be absolutely better on healthcare. If Clinton is elected, there is absolutely zero chance that health care gets more affordable, and that might be the single biggest issue for the people's health and safety (although maybe medical ships, or some other free enterprise solution might pop up).

    While Hillary is somewhat better on immigration, she would absolutely promote more welfare to everyone -- including illegal immigrants. She would also probably move to make it easier for those immigrating illegally to the U.S. to gain citizenship and suffrage to gain a new, large voting block for her socialist party. While I think borders should be pretty much open, I don't welcome more ballot-box tyranny.

    On economics, Hillary might be better on trade, but on all the other things she's right there with Trump.

    Like every election, this is a time for libertarians to be somewhat depressed. But to pick one poison over the other as being better is not rational. There are just too many variables to accurately predict the lesser of these two evils.

    While Johnson is a shitty Libertarian, this is one case where he is at least a clearly lesser evil than the other two idiots, and I don't buy into his candidacy "damaging libertarianism." Libertarianism will be vilified by the establishment of both major parties if and when it becomes popular enough to be a threat. Their lies, distortions, and red herrings will try to make libertarianism look evil; the Johnson/Weld distortions are minor by comparison.