Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Calls for Assassination of Julian Assange (A Diversionary Tactic to Deflect From the Real Assassination?)

Check out what is going on in Democratic Party apologist world:

But has an  assassination already taken place: HOT HOT WHOA! Julian Assange HEAVILY IMPLIES that the #DNC's Seth Rich was a source & was murdered for helping Wikileaks!


  1. Crazy projection going on here. Killary & Co. are screaming absurdly about Trump's "2nd Amendment people" comment as being some implicit call to assassinate her. Yet, it appears someone may have really been assassinated by Killary & Co. (the DNC staffer leaker) and now these explicit calls for the assassination of Assange.

    BTW, maybe a bit off topic, but has anyone been following the story of the new ruler of the Phillipines and his prosecution the war on (some) drugs there via a policy of explicit assassination with no due process? He is literally ordering extrajudicial assassinations of "drug dealers" publicly and claiming "sovereign immunity." I have even some extreme law & order types commenting from the US that that's the type of "leader" and policy the US needs. Crazy stuff...

  2. Extrajudicial assassinations.... Due process? We don't need no steenkin due process.

  3. I don't understand why Trump won't bring issues like this up. I also thought he would be mentioning the rape allegations against Clinton. If he's going to make controversial statements about a Gold Star family, Muslims, and "2nd amendment people," then why not bring up Seth Rich? If Trump brought this up today, the media would give him hell for it, but at least it would create interest in the story itself and divert attention from his past mistakes. I'm beginning to wonder if Trump really is who he says he is.

  4. That video, I believe, is from 2010.