Wednesday, August 17, 2016

BREAKING Brazilian Officials Stop Two U.S. Swimmers from Boarding Plane to Leave Rio

U.S. Olympic swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger are being investigated over their report of being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil.

There are suggestions the robbery report was fabricated.

This is a developing story, return to this post for updates.

(via WaPo)


Via AP

The U.S. Olympic Committee says two American swimmers were taken off their flight from Brazil by local authorities amid an investigation into a reported robbery involving Ryan Lochte and his teammates.

USOC spokesman Patrick Sandusky said Wednesday night that "Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were removed from their flight to the United States by Brazilian authorities. We are gathering further information."


  1. This is the strangest story. Why would they make up a story about being robbed?

  2. Soon McCain and Leslie Graham will be calling for either and orange revolution in Brazil or a full scale invasion. Smedley Butler where are you?

  3. It's not a "strange story." Brazil is embarrassed and blind, so it has corruptly decided to investigate the victims that exposed the Nation's most prevalent problem.