Monday, July 11, 2016

What the "RB" that Micah Johnson Wrote in Blood on the Wall Stood For

The Daily Beast reports:
Ken Moore of the Collective Black People’s Movement (CBPM) said that he was asked to look into Johnson by an unidentified black activist group. When he discovered the Army veteran was discharged for sexual harassment, he labelled him “unfit for recruitment.”
 Malik Shabazz, former chair of the New Black Panther Party, told The Daily Beast that the background check system described by Moore effectively blacklisted Johnson from membership in black nationalist and black liberation groups across the country.
“Once you’re blacklisted by the alert that we put out, that’s a wrap,” Moore told The Daily Beast.
Though shunned from groups like the People’s New Black Panther Party and the Black Riders Liberation Party, Johnson continued attending protests and events in the area, according to multiple people within the Dallas activist community...
RB” was scrawled on a wall inside the building where Johnson was holed up, according to Dallas police chief David Brown. It is likely that Johnson was writing “RBG,” a favorite acronym of the Black Riders that stands for “red, black, and green”—the colors of the Pan-African flag.
“RBG 4 LIFE!” they exclaim.
One of Johnson’s final acts was to pay homage to the movement he wished so badly to join. Ignored in life, Johnson has been embraced in death.
“R.I.P. Micah...X...Johnson !!!...  RBG 4 LIFE!” [ Black Riders leader Lakesia][Washington wrote on Saturday. “RIP, you represented the few brave African soldiers” wrote another Black Rider follower. “Nat Turner of Our Time. Remember Him with All Revolutionary Ancestors,” posted another. Other members changed their profile photos to Johnson’s photo at his time of death: a dashiki, a raised fist, and a cold stare.

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