Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trumpian Stagecraft?

Slate sets the scene:
Donald Trump has given hundreds, perhaps thousands of speeches and says a lot of things, but something about his meandering word slurry of an address Wednesday night in Cincinnati felt like a departure even by Trumpian rhetorical standards. The Donald was uncommonly loose, unbuttoned to the point of intoxication, as he ticked off his normal stump talking points, while veering into variety show-style mimicry that surpassed his previous speeches not in venom, but in stagecraft.


  1. Best line: "Iraq is now the Haaavaaard of terrorism." Lol.

  2. Trump is there just to make sure the RP base stays in the 2 party structure.

  3. Heavily edited and simply more confirmation bias porn for trump haters.
    I say we vote for him simply because they clearly don't want us to do so.
    Let it rip...

  4. Perhaps someone is drugging him.