Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Politically Correct Way to Choose a College

I met the daughter of a friend who will be off to an Ivy League college in a few weeks.

She looked at a number of colleges, including Boston College, but said she eliminated BC almost immediately.  "Our BC guide said the school was diversified but they only had pictures of white men on the walls," she said.

At the school she is going to they give you the utmost in a flexible schedule, she told me.

Outside of required courses in a concentration, there are no courses required,

"So I won't have to take, for example, any history or math courses if I don't want to," she said.



  1. Sounds like summer camp. Camp NO-Y-T.

  2. SOP for Roman conquest was to "invite" the children of the local aristocracy that had just been conquered to come to Rome to be "educated". While in Rome they were exposed to all the worldly delights that empire offers, cultured in Roman ways and taught a healthy disdain for their unenlightened countrymen back home. When upon reaching adulthood they returned to their homes to take up their traditional place in the tribe, they returned as Romans.

  3. Awesome. She can join the ranks of idiots without even trying.

  4. She can focus on politically correct underwater basketweaving instead of fluff like history or math.