Friday, July 1, 2016

The Meetings of the Plaid Shirt Wearing Bill Clinton

In public, Bill Clinton now often appears in grandpa plaid shirts, which is probably to give the impression that he couldn't possibly be the violent sexual predator portrayed in books like,  The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow, and that he isn't  sharp enough, slick enough, anymore to play a major role in Hillary Clinton's campaign.

You see, he has been put out to plaid shirt pasture.

But all indications from recent leaks suggest that he is in fact a major behind-the -scenes operative in Hillary's campaign. Plotting and scheming like in the old days.

Consider these two reports in recent days.

Bill and  Mark Cuban had dinner in Los Angeles last weekend.

Cuban has publicly talked about being Hillary Clinton's running mate, He also has emerged as a high-profile critic of  Donald Trump.

He may not get the VP slot, but some other position in a Hillary Administration is very possible.

You can be sure Bill and Cuban weren't talking NBA draft picks.

An even more curious was a Bill meeting that occurred in Phoenix.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill on her government plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Lynch, of course, will be the one to determine if charges should be brought against Hillary in the email server affair, though technically, after leak of the meeting Lynch says she will leave the decision on Hillary to underlings at the FBI.

Lynch, by the way, claims she only discussed golf and grandchildren with Bill,

Yup, and I am sure grandpa Bill was wearing a plaid shirt also. Slick, very slick.



  1. Don't gotta be too smart for boobus Americans to fall for anything.

  2. The pretense of "rule of law" slips further away each passing day.

  3. Political Vomitorium: a place where the corrupt political elite go to "vomit" i.e. to confess, deny or justify, to make room for more corruption.