Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The BRAZEN Corruption of Hillary & Wasserman Schultz

By Shane Kastler

Hillary Clinton is not just corrupt. She is BRAZENLY corrupt. Like a wild animal that's been fed too often by unsuspecting tourists; Hillary keeps moving closer and closer to the flame. Because she has so often played with fire and not gotten burned. When she was questioned by Congress about the Benghazi disaster she literally said, with irritation in her voice: “At this point, what difference does it make?” Such cold-hearted callousness toward a dead American ambassador and several dead American officials would be blasted as murderous.....were it not Hillary who scoffingly uttered the phrase. Like brushing a speck of dirt off of her pant suit, Hillary rolls her eyes and says in essence, “who cares?” She no doubt assumed that any carelessness on her part would be swept under the rug as it always has been. And she was largely right. The only ramifications she has faced for her gross negligence was the political points possibly scored by her detractors. Hillary was nonchalant and arrogant about the death of a U.S. Ambassador because Hillary knew she would get away with her malfeasance. Hillary was right. She did get away with it. She always has. She always will.

When investigated by the FBI
over a stunning level of incompetence concerning her e-mail server; Hillary did not bat an eye. She lied repeatedly about e-mails she had turned over to authorities. Then she lied some more about the top secret classification of those e-mails. She's not only incompetent, she is likewise LAZY. Like a lifelong political hack, she rolls her eyes anytime someone questions her sloppy and illegal behavior. She demonizes her accusers and snarls at any who question her. Because she knows she will get away with it. She always has. She always will.

Hillary's brazenness was put on display in grand fashion this week; after the WikiLeaks exposure of the DNC's e-mails showed that the party bosses were colluding against her rival Bernie Sanders. To be sure, Bernie had little chance of unseating her anyway. Nevertheless he had a right to expect the party leaders would remain neutral, as is their job. But the hacked e-mails showed they were doing all in their power to prop up Hillary and bury Bernie. And in the end, Hillary won. Hillary is exonerated. Hillary keeps her power. But here is where the brazenness comes in.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairman of the DNC, was ousted from her leadership because of her role in sabotaging Bernie and saving Hillary. And inexplicably, the day after Schultz is relieved of her duties as DNC chair, she is hired by Hillary as a political consultant. In this appointment, Hillary is staring down the American people and hacking a wad of spit in their collective eye. She is telling America to “shove it.” She is declaring, once again, that she is above the law and she is above all ethical standards. She is Hillary, and like a spoiled rotten princess who is entitled to the queen's crown; she embraces corruption and she does so openly. Make no mistake, this is no “behind closed doors” political maneuver. No sir! Hillary publicly embraces the openly corrupt Wasserman Schultz; because Hillary herself is so corrupt that she assumes no one cares about what she does and she figures she will get away with it again. She always has. She always will.

On Sunday, the CBS news show “60 minutes” did an interview with Hillary and her running mate Tim Caine. In the interview she was asked about the leaked e-mails and what her response was to them. Hillary feigned shock and said, “I know nothing about any of these emails.” The reporter, Scott Pelley, followed up with a softball question saying that the emails showed collusion in the DNC leadership against Bernie Sanders and that surely she denounced that..... right? Yet Hillary again refuses to denounce corruption and instead merely pleads ignorance. “Again, I don't have any information about this, so I can't answer.” She lied when she said she knew nothing. The reporter just told her SOMETHING. And undoubtedly she knew before. But yet again, she doesn't have to come clean. She doesn't even have to answer the question. She is Hillary and as the presumptive Queen of America she knows that she can do or say whatever she wants and get away with it. She always has. She always will.

Benghazi, her e-mail scandal, and the Wasserman Schultz hire are just the latest in Hillary's career of corruption. These unethical highlights are nothing more than the most recent crimes in her quagmire of unethical behavior. Countless other times in ways that have been reported and ways that have remained buried, Hillary has slithered creepily into power. She has intimidated opponents. She has covered up for her husband's corruptions and sexual exploits. She has broken laws. And she has defied decency. But time and time again she has gotten away with it. She always has. She always will. Or so she assumes.

Could it be that Americans have had enough of the Clinton Crime Machine? Could it be that she will be booed off the stage when she accepts the Democratic nomination on Thursday night? Could it be that she will go down in political flames for her numerous salvos against the American people? Perhaps, but in her mind, it is unlikely. Hillary's corruption is no longer a hidden snake to be covered by political chums and a complicit media. Hillary's corruptions are now out in the open. She proudly embraced Wasserman Schultz in the midst of the DNC scandal. Politically speaking, this would be suicidal. She should be distancing herself from the DNC leadership as fast as she can. But not Hillary. She does as she darn well pleases. And she knows she'll get away with. She always has. She always will. Or maybe this time she won't. Let's watch and see how the Hillary train wreck ends. And let us observe if her latest episode of spitting in the eye of decency will be thwarted, or if she simply smirks and moves on to her next act of brazen corruption.

Shane Kastler is Pastor at the Heritage Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA and Co-Host; "Church & State" KELB Radio, 100.5 FM. He blogs at The Narrow Road.

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