Thursday, July 21, 2016

Score Hot Babes For George Soros' Son and You Get to Meet Obama

Alex, son of George Soros, the babes just love this guy.

NyPo's Page SIX reports:
We’re told that philanthropist and scion to the $24.9 billion Soros fortune Alex has been shuttling models, including Rachel Fox, Allie Fosheim and Lameka Fox, and fashion darlings such as Timo Weiland and Maxwell Osborne to and from his sprawling rental, Villa Maria ...
We’re told that longtime pal and New York City club fixture Adam Spoont — who is a promoter for hot spots the Monarch Room and the Gilded Lily — has been put in charge of model-recruitment for the summer, and did such a good job that he landed an audience with the president. Spoont got an invite to a Democratic fundraiser at Alex’s city apartment, and shook hands with Obama.

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