Monday, July 18, 2016

On the Turkey Shoot

This strikes me as a particularly sound take.

Lew Rockwell writes:

I asked a friend familiar with the area his view of recent Turkish developments:
If I had to bet money – and I would bet a lot because it is a safe bet – it would be Erdogan all the way.  The Turkish military has way too much success at pulling off coups to do such a half-a** job.

I can see why Erdogan would purge the military if this were a real coup, but why purge thousands of judges on the pretext of a coup?  Erdogan is benefitting tremendously from this scam.

What did the USG know and when did they know it?  On this, anything is possible. Whether or not it was a legitimate coup attempt, there are factions in the US that might benefit from any version of the true story.  So on this point, I don’t really have a feel either way.

Anyway….no matter the real story, they are all monsters.

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  1. Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett were talking about a coup possibility months ago. Sibel discussed it with Lew Rockwell too. Here is her very interesting take on the coup as a "dry run" for a real coup that is coming: