Saturday, July 30, 2016

NYT on Hillary's Speech

A pretty decent observation by Michael D. Shear and Thomas Kaplan at NYT:
Hillary Clinton, in accepting her party’s presidential nomination, described her love of tough issues, saying bluntly that “I sweat the details of policy.”

But she delivered a speech that was remarkably without hard facts.

Much of her address was a mix of descriptions of her upbringing, assertions of her opinions and generalized attacks on Donald J. Trump. She talked about marching “toward a more perfect union” and said Mr. Trump “doesn’t like talking about his plans.”

Graphic: ‘Stronger Together’ and ‘I Am Your Voice’ — How the Nominees’ Convention Speeches Compare
And even when she said “I love talking about mine,” she offered few concrete numbers or assertions to examine. Instead, she spoke in general terms about making “college tuition-free for the middle class” and giving “a boost” to small businesses.
But neither does Donald Trump. He won't, for example, discuss details  of his secret plan to destroy ISIS. He won't discuss details of how he plans to boot out 11 million non-government registered in the US.

The masses like the description of the sizzle and vote based on it.


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  1. But at least (to my knowledge) Trump does not claim that he "sweats the details of policy." That is Hillary's gig & she is rightfully called out on it. I'm not voting for anyone by the way.