Monday, July 11, 2016

Maybe Its Christie

Chris Christie met privately over weekend with Trump’s Veep-vetting lawyer, reports Robert Costa at WaPo,

According to Costa, during that meeting, the people said, lawyer A.B. Culvahouse Jr. and Christie discussed the governor’s record, including the bridge-closing scandal that has rocked Christie’s administration and other issues that could become flash points if he were tapped by Trump.

The session, which took place at an unknown location, was described by a third person, a Trump ally, as an informal interview that was the last part of Christie’s vetting. That person said that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) and Christie are now the favorites to be selected in the coming days by the presumptive Republican nominee, with Pence the more likely selection.

Still, the person said, Trump and Christie have a strong rapport and are more personally close than Pence and Trump, and that dynamic has lifted Christie in the search.

Each person who spoke Monday with WaPo cautioned that Trump is liable to change his mind and was undecided over the weekend as he socialized with friends and donors in the New York area, according to Costa.

In an interview Monday with The Post’s Chris Cillizza, Trump signaled that he is leaning toward an elected official who could help unite the GOP around him, in particular, members of the party's wary political class.

Trump said he has “such great respect for the general” but “going political is an important thing.”

“I don’t need two anti-establishment people,” Trump added.


  1. Come January:
    VP office designer: "We're gonna need a bigger chair!" "MUCH bigger!"

  2. It's Christie. Christie was the first of the vanquished to board the Trump train and has been loyal throughout....despite all of the Trump gaffes. Trump, like the late Frank Sinatra, values loyality above all else. I say it's Chris and, yes, get that bigger chair ready.

  3. Even if he didn't pick Christie for VP, there's no doubt Giuliani and Christie would play significant roles in a Trump administration. But the truth is that there's many libertarians and anti-government patriots who don't care about the police state anymore. In fact, they're starting to accept it.

  4. I honestly don't see Christie as VP, 'cause he's such a great natural fit for AG. I really mean it. Apparently he was a highly effective prosecutor on the state level and would bring a lot of talent to the office (now wouldn't THAT be a change).
    Now this is just politics here. They can all piss up a rope as far as I'm concerned.

  5. The one positive I can say about Christie is he seems actually interested in ending the War on Drugs, which is a huge plus. As Laurence Vance at LRC always says, 'The War on Drugs is a War on Freedom'.