Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney Are Considering Voting for the Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate

CNN reports that Jeb Bush and  Mitt Romney are considering voting for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

"I haven't decided how I'll vote in November -- whether I'll support the Libertarian ticket or write in a candidate -- but I do know there are a lot of things Republicans can do in the coming months to lay the groundwork for rebuilding our party and the foundation for a true conservative renewal in our country," Jeb told CNN.

Romney said that he wished the Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee Bill Weld was the LP presidential nominee instead., “I think he would be a great president." He went on to say during the CNN interview that he has not endorsed the Libertarian Party ticket; however, he is giving it some serious thought.

Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, Nicholas Sarwark, said yesterday:
The Libertarian Party is delighted that Govs. Bush and Romney are considering voting for our candidates, Govs. Johnson and Weld. I think they know that Johnson and Weld are far more qualified to be President and Vice President than Trump and Pence.
It takes great courage for someone who has spent so many years serving the Republican Party to consider voting for a different party’s candidate for president. We applaud Govs. Bush and Romney’s courage. They don’t have to agree with us on every issue to see that our Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates are clearly the best choices in this race.
Govs. Johnson and Weld are exceptionally well qualified and also exceptional human beings. If Americans want candidates they can be proud to vote for, and who would serve honorably and justly, they should support Govs. Johnson and Weld.

There is something seriously wrong with a "Libertarian" Party when two criminal, crony statist elitists like Bush and Romney can suggest that they might support the Libertarian Party candidates.

This is not Murray Rothbard's Libertarian Party.

Johnson and Weld are strictly opportunists, who would do anything necessary to advance their stature within the establishment. They hold no true libertarian principles, not even the non-aggression principle.


(source: Palm Beach Free Press; ht Smaulgld)


  1. I don't think it (necessarily) suggests there's anything wrong with the party, although where the LP is concerned I have to agree they don't make the best decisions. But let's just pretend they had an excellent candidate this year. Would you still be putting this the same way? We know why Jeb and Mitt are doing this; they're just threatening to vote LP to annoy their own party for having choosing Donald Trump as the candidate (a questionable choice, to be sure.) No one knows whether they will carry through on that threat because no one will follow them into the voting booth. I would almost bet they WON'T vote for Gary Johnson.

    All that said, what's worse? The LP welcoming Mitt's vote, or Rand ENDORSING Mitt? I think the latter is still much, much worse.

  2. I actually blame a lot of the LP woes on Bumper Hornberger and his supporters after his vitriolic attacks on Harry Browne after he lost the nomination to Browne. Some of my good friends contributed to the attacks that were often baseless.

    I remember one particular argument by an anti-Browne LPer where he claimed Browne made payments to a friend-owned business for supplies. I tracked the payments. It was about $10,000 over 3 years -- yeah, that guy is retired on a tropical island now. There was lots of ridiculous shit like this.

    My argument at the time was that I don't need Libertarian nannies any more than I need Republican or Democrat nannies. When I donated money to the Browne campaign, I knew he wasn't going to win. I knew it was basically pissed-away money, and I wouldn't have given Browne my house payment. If someone was stupid enough to believe differently, oh well....


    I know that a lot of us basically gave up on the LP at that point, and the void was filled by this new neocon-influenced cadre.

    I think Hornberger has mostly redeemed himself since then, but he did a lot of damage at the time, IMHO.

  3. Remember that pledge to back the party nominee..?

    If only Jeb's parents had taught him his word is his bond, like Melania Obama's parents did.

  4. ─ There is something seriously wrong with a "Libertarian" Party when two criminal, crony statist elitists like Bush and Romney can suggest that they might support the Libertarian Party candidates. ─

    The same way - I am sure - there would have to be something horribly wrong with Kate Upton if both Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney said they wanted to sleep with her.

    I mean, applying the same logic.

    1. If they were only attracted to and slept with disease-ridden women, then yes.

  5. This is SOOOOOOO Great! It Exposes the Bush family, Romney and the rest of the necon/crony capitalists as HYPOCRITES. They implored loyal republicans to vote for losers McCain and Romney as the right thing to do! Now that the so called shoe is on the other foot they're not ready to follow their own advice!

  6. First, consider the source of this rumor, the Clinton News Network. Not exactly a paragon of journalistic excellence. Second, if we assume it's true it proves that Gary's Johnson is no libertarian since neither of those two losers would vote for a real libertarian if their miserable lives depended on it.

  7. Is Johnson preferable to Hillary or Trump?