Tuesday, July 19, 2016

James Carville Explains How Melania Trump Was Sabotaged

In line with my thinking.

Via Politico:

Longtime Democratic operative James Carville has a theory about how
those passages from Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech slipped
into Melania Trump's remarks last night: Sabotage.

“I have a theory that I’ve passed by a lot of experienced political
people and no one says this is nuts," he told Mike Lupica in a
just-published podcast. "I think they were done in.”

“Basically," Carville continued, "the way this works is there’s like a
sweatshop of speechwriters at the convention. And they come and churn
out speeches and it gets, you know, vetted and approved or whatever.
Obviously she didn’t write her speech.

“And you know there’s a ton of Republicans that don’t like Trump. I
think one of them [who] was in the speech shop put that in there.
Then, it goes through the vet and then she says it and then this
person, he or she tips off the press.

“I think she was had. I have no way to prove it; it’s a theory, but
nobody that’s had experience at the national level thinks that the
theory's nuts. They said, ‘Look, hey, you know what, that’s 15

“I-- my guess is, is that they were intentionally done in with this.
It’s the first show I’ve even floated it to, but I can tell you I’ve
run it by five or six people and no one thinks this theory is nuts."

(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. More likely a lazy speechwriter who hadn't done it and knocked something up at the last minute. The dumb thing to do was telling people she had written it.

  2. So like a progressive to require agreement with others as to whether or not his own thinking is valid.

  3. So now we get treated to a conversation between two leftards like James CarVile and Mike Lupica talking about a media manufactured micro-scandal? After this I suppose it will be transcripts of a Katie Couric softball interview with Hillary. I can get this stuff by watching MSNBC any time I want. But why would I want?