Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ISIS Publishes Chilling Video Message From German Suicide Bomber

The suicide bomber said it was all about blowback for German military operations in the Middle East--but as appears typical of these attacker, he had mental problems.

Via WaPo:
The Islamic State released overnight a video of the purported suicide bomber who struck the southern city of Ansbach issuing a pre-attack diatribe, prompting German authorities on Tuesday to heighten their investigation into the attacker’s links to the extremist group.

The day before, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for Sunday’s attack, in which a rejected Syrian asylum seeker – identified as 27-year old Mohammed Daleel – triggered a backpack bomb, killing himself and wounding 15 people. 
In the subsequent video, which was released by a news agency tied to the group, Daleel vows that Germans “will never sleep well again.”..

In the video, the figure, whose face is covered by a black scarf, speaks in front of a white curtain, vowing to attack Ansbach in revenge over the “killing and displacing of Muslims.” He threatens Germans repeatedly, vowing that “next time, it won’t be [explosive] belts, but car bombs.”...
Authorities are still probing the background of Daleel, a Syrian who applied for asylum in Germany in 2014. He was issued deportation orders later that year after German authorities found out he had earlier applied, and received, refugee status in Bulgaria. He was due to be sent back to that country, but his deportation was delayed due to his mental health.

He is on record as twice having tried to commit suicide, and had been detained by police for drug possession and other minor offenses.

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