Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Wonder What America First Libertarian Trump Fanboys Think About This

After Ted Cruz delivered is speech last night at the Republican National Convention, he tried to stop by the Sheldon Adelson booth. Adeslosn was once a BIG Cruz supporter, but last night after the speech, Adelson refused to allow him into the booth.

Andy Abboud, a senior aide to Adelson, said Cruz was initially invited to come up to visit the Adelsons, but when he failed to endorse Trump the invitation was rescinded.

"When he didn't endorse, they were stunned and disappointed," Abboud told CNN.

Donald Trump later stopped by Adelson's booth and Abboud tweeted this out:



  1. Cruz's speech illustrates the integrity and honor of Ron Paul. Cruz's mistake was signing a pledge in the first place, not in failing to support Trump. Ron Paul did not sign a pledge during his campaigns, and his failure to support the nominees did not make him a liar. That's the difference between a Ron Paul -- a man with integrity -- and a Ted Cruz -- someone deserving of the moniker "Lyin' Ted".

  2. I wonder what Target Liberty readers think about The Donald's latest NATO comments ?
    Oh that's weird, but they don't seem to be posted here.

  3. I'll give Cruz credit on that speech last night, he's only slightly less reptilian.