Saturday, July 2, 2016

How Bad of a Libertarian Candidate is Gary Johnson?

The super neocon warhawk Bill Kristol may be willing to support him.

 Kristol talked with Keith Larson on WBT radio and said he might be able to talk himself into voting for Johnson and hailed his VP choice, Bill Weld as a "serious person."

Kristol did say, though,that he was concerned about Johnson's foreign policy.

He said that if there is no third candidate emerges by September 1, he would fight for Johnson to be on the presidential debate stage.



  1. Up next, Johnson insists Kristol's a great guy and vets him for Secretary of State.

    There was a time that I could at least cringe while nodding in Johnson's favor, doing so while telling myself that he's at least not Bob Barr.

    Then Weld happened.

    Then Johnson made some interesting comments about Atomic Bombs and Freedom of Association that were anything but libertarian.

    Then the Town Hall happened.

    Now Bill Kristol, poster child for everything that flies in the face of Libertarianism, wants to throw his dwindling influence behind Johnson.

    Johnson might be the worst libertarian candidate in recent history, so I might owe Bob Barr an apology.

  2. -- Kristol did say, though,that he was concerned about Johnson's foreign policy. --

    Hmm, two things: Kristol can do whatever he wants. That does not mean ipso facto Gary should be dismissed. That's not an argument. Second, the fact that Kristol is worried that Gary is not a war monger should at least make Gary as 'attractive' to certain libertarians as El Trumpo. I would think that will happen once Gary also calls more than half of Mexican immigrants 'Rapists'. Someone should tell him that.