Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Highlight of Day One of the Democratic National Convention: Elizabeth Warren Bombed

We learned one big thing from yesterday's Democratic Convention events,  Michelle Obama's speechwriter, Sarah Hurwitz, is better than Melania Trump's speechwriter or for that matter Donald Trump's speechwriter.

Also, Michelle looked so young on stage that we can not rule out the possibility that the Administration had a little black girl killed for the event to pump young blood into Michelle based on a new fountain of youth theory being developed by Tony Wyss-Coray.

Whatever was behind her youthful appearance, she was by far the hit of the evening. She delivered  Hurwitz's non minax prose with energy, poise and great timing.

I don't think she really made any points, or at least none that I remember, other than that we should raise good kids like the way her children were brought up rather than the way Donald Trump raised his kids. She did not go into the details of the differences, nor details on anything else she said.

So a pretty much pointless speech with no details delivered by a person who does not appear to have any political aspirations, I can take that for being the hit of the night.

Michelle was followed by the evil interventionist Elizabeth Warren and I am happy to report she looked the worst I have ever seen her, and she usually looks bad. At times, anti-Hillary chants knocked her off her pace, a pace that was shaky in the first place, and it didn't seem like anyone on the DNC floor was paying attention.

And that is what I consider a perfect outcome for such an evil woman, a speech no one will remember much about other than that it was being delivered by some old lady, who seems to be a general pain in the ass and who seems to never have fun, never. I'm glad she didn't have fun last night.

Warren was followed by Bernie Sanders. He called for free education and free medical care for everyone, It seemed like next he was going to call for free lawn chairs for everyone, so I turned the television off.



  1. I think it makes perfect sense that Democrats believe the government should be raising your children.

    For the relatively inexpensive process of raising someone to 18 years of age, you get probably 60 years of slavery to raise other kids, support bureaucrats, and deliver servitude to the masters.

  2. Gee, Robert, why don't you tell us what you really think.

    Absolutely love the commentaries on the conventions.