Friday, July 22, 2016

Fascinating (?) Funny(?) Charlie Rose Has Learned How to Deal With the Alternative Media

Four years ago.


 Yesterday, with Alex Jones at the Republican National Convention,




  1. Even today few people actually know about the Bilderberg Group. It is rare to find someone who cares about what is really going on in the world. However, that said, I do see a slight upsurge in awareness recently. Perhaps we are approaching a tipping point regarding what people are willing to tolerate. Alex Jones has done a great deal to expose these groups. We should be supporting his efforts and emulating them.

  2. Remember 1980 when David Koch was the LP VP candidate? Out of nowhere came "third party" candidate John Anderson who got endless coverage 24/7 while poor Ed Clark and Koch got none.

    For equal time on the "Trump v. Hillary" trauma, here are John Anderson, Walter Cronkite and Hillary celebrating "world government". This tape appears authentic, but I'm alway open to new evidence.

  3. I woke up to these two creeps, Ian Bremer and David Sanger, kvetching to Charlie Rose that Trump might undermine the holy NATO.

  4. IMHO, that had more to do with how Alex handled Charlie than vise versa. Luke's interview was confrontational. You don't convince someone how polite you are by telling them over and over how polite you are. Alex complimented, complimented, complimented (actually was polite) and then causally ask "Have you ever been?" Then the staff freaked so he gave him an out: "Over blown?"