Friday, July 15, 2016

Charles Barkley on Who To Blame for Shooting of Blacks by Police

Barkley does have a point but is he aware of the role LBJ played in blacks behaving badly?



  1. Sir Charles was one of the only black "leaders" to say that there wasn't enough evidence to convict George Zimmerman of murdering Trayvon Martin. Just about every other black "leader" will play the race and victim card ad nauseum.

  2. Sir Charles is toast unfortunately.

    PS I don't have a Twitter account but times like this makes me want to get one. What has always stopped me from getting certain social media accounts is that I imagine that policing PC correctness must be a lot easier at the software level.

  3. Barkley was not interviewed on a PBS special the other night titled something like The Black Experience in America. It was mostly interviews of black attorneys, politicians and educators and was painful to watch. Each gave their sad story of discrimination yet they were blind to the discrimination caused by affirmative action, government handouts, licensing laws and minimum wage laws. Child-like, they are taken advantage of in a most despicable way.