Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What Bill Kristol and His Fellow Neoconmen Really “Beat Back”

By Thomas DiLorenzo

So Bill Kristol brags to a California audience that “we beat back” Ron and Rand Paul.   Translating from neoconese: What the neocons really opposed was THE IDEAS espoused by Ron Paul, namely:  peace, free enterprise, private property, limited constitutional government, a foreign policy that actually defends America and Americans, free trade, and civil liberties.
Since the neocons brag about “beating back” all of these ideas, one wonders how, exactly, they are any different from communists like Leon Trotsky, who the older generation of neocons (like Kristol’s father Irving Kristol) claims was their main ideological inspiration.
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  1. I don't know that Trotsky is really their main inspiration. Trotsky was just a regular Marxist. I'm not sure where their impulse to dominate the world comes from.

  2. He wasn't just a "regular" Marxist, in fact he was a founder of a major branch of Marxism, Trotskyism, and the Fourth International, and creator of the concept of the Permanent Revolution (distinct from Marx's one). The later essentially requires "export of revolution" internationally, which is just a step away from "making the world safe for democracy" - "democracy" being an euphemism for "socialism".

    That butcher was also a leader of Red Terror. The ice axe was far too humane for what this monster deserved.