Monday, June 13, 2016

Urinals in Women's Bathrooms in California For Transgenders Who Have a Penis but Identify as Women

Dice out does himself with this one. The mad masses.



  1. wouldn't a tranny just use a toilet, like the ladies since they identify as one? but it will keep members of the plumbers unions employed to install them even if it does collect dust.

    1. I know! My first thought was, "Standing to pee doesn't seem very ladylike." But perhaps such urinals could be for the use of those beings who identify as trans guerilla feminists who stand to drain their she-lizards as a revolutionary act against the Patriarchy. "Hey, hey, sisters! Don't sit on your bum! Empower your piss and cry, 'Die, cis scum!'"

  2. Well, at least the first fellow said, "Come on, man, save that sh*t"--which strongly implied that he thought it a lunatic idea. Further, just *how many* of the people he approached simply walked away without signing or engaging? Most people, hurrying about their daily business or enjoying their leisure, won't take the time to argue with some flake with a petition---just as most won't open their door to debate theology with a Jehovah's Witness. Note also that his signers were young people---mostly women, mostly white--in urban California: his mileage would vary greatly with different demographics in different parts of the country. In brief, his declaration that "this country has gone completely insane" is premature---but it does make for a more clickable Youtube video.