Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump Wants to Turn No Fly List Into No Gun Permit List

I think I have finally put my finger on my fundamental objection to Donald Trump and why I consider even the horrific Hillary Clinton a better option.

Trump is just a damn creative, out of the box thinking authoritarian. When it comes to creative methods to rule over us, he would run circles around Hillary.

His latest: He wants to expand the No Fly List and make it into a No Gun Permit List.

For the horrors of the No Fly List see:

No Due Process for People on No-Fly List, Judge Says

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How to Protect Yourself from Border Big Brother

“I will be meeting with the NRA, who has endorsed me, about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns,” Trump tweeted this morning.

Hillary is run of the mill terrible. Donald Trump appears to have both the authoritarian bent and the creativeness to be exceptionally terrible.



  1. I don't see how this makes Trump worse than Hillary. They both believe people on some Fed. terrorism watch list, whatever that means, should have their fundamental civil rights abrogated without due process. Regarding a "no gun permit list", in most states no "permit" is required to legally purchase or possess a gun, so that statement doesn't make any legal sense.

    Your Trump derangement syndrome is still getting the better of you Mr. Wenzel. I understand that you don't like Trump, neither do I. But you still haven't made a compelling case that he is worse than Hillary. Personally I think Hillary is far more dangerous because she has a long and sordid history of getting away with world class crimes for both personal and political gain. Also, she is the head of a global criminal enterprise called The Clinton Foundation. Say what you will about The Donald, he isn't the head of a worldwide crime family, nor is he a war criminal (yet anyway).

  2. I second that Dyspeptic. Moreover, Trump's economics are bad yet every HRC economic proposal is worse than Trump's. And if the Republican congress could not stop Obama's bad economics--indeed, they supported the bulk of it--there is no chance they could stop HRC's or repeal anything significant. Head of worldwide crime family, war criminal, clueless on economics, and likely to appoint 3 SC justices. But Trump is somehow worse than that!

  3. 1. Since none of us can control which of the two monsters will win the election, it is not a mortal sin to claim one is worse than the other. Some days I hope Trump wins. Some days I don't.

    2. Trump is truly quite entrepreneurial in the way he constantly thinks up new ways to employ authoritarian methods to solve "problems". However, I've always thought the same about the Clintons who manage to drag along the Democrat base and lots of "independents" for the ride.

    3. Trump is kinda like Gary Johnson. He doesn't understand the NAP either and when he violates it, nothing is triggered in his brain. (That's supposed to be funny.)