Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trump Hires Rand Paul's Former Digital Director

Donald Trump's campaign has reportedly hired the former chief digital strategist for  Rand Paul's- now-defunct presidential campaign, Politico reports.

The new hire, Vincent Harris, is perhaps best known for providing digital media services to Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Harris website quotes a Politico story:
“I feel like sometimes in American politics we have lost a sense of pride,” Harris said about his time working on Bibi’s campaign. “When you hear the prime minister say, ‘This is your country, come back to your country’—I’m not Jewish and I get excited.” In the days leading up to the Netanyahu stunning victory, Harris’ team relied heavily on Facebook posts and aggressively collected voter contacts. When viewers in Israel watched the livestream on Bibi’s campaign site of Netanyahu’s speech to the U.S. Congress, they were prompted to give their email addresses—never mind the public assurances that the speech was primarily about the U.S.-Iran nuclear talks, not the looming election.

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