Friday, June 3, 2016

Trump Attacks Anthony Weiner: "I Never, Ever Want Him To Tweet Me"

At a rally in Redding, Calif. this afternoon, Donald Trump went after disgraced former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner by referencing Weiner’s past sex scandal.

In 2011, Weiner, married to Clinton aide Huma Abedin, resigned his seat in Congress after being caught using Twitter to send graphic photos of himself to women who were not his wife.

“She’s got people like Huma,” Trump said at the rally. “She’s the wife of Anthony Weiner. Now how would you like Anthony Weiner to be having all these secrets? Well, guess what? She tells Anthony Weiner everything there is.”

Trump added: “I know Anthony Weiner. I don’t want him knowing anything…And I never ever want him to tweet me, right? Does anybody want him to tweet? No, I don’t think.

(via The Daily Caller)

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