Thursday, June 30, 2016

This is How I Just Dealt With a Government Mandated Fire Drill

We had a fire drill in my building today.

With alarms blasting, I heard a knock on my office door.

At the door stood a guy, 20-something, with a pen and clipboard in hand.

"Excuse me, sir," he said over the noise, "we are having a fire drill."

I replied in a tone that let him know I wasn't about to play the fire drill game, "I know how to climb down 20 flights of stairs. I don't need practice."

He then said, raising his clipboard, "Can I have your name, sir?"

"Sure," I said, "Ben Bernanke."

He wrote it down on his clipboard and moved on.



  1. The guy with the clipboard is now telling his wife: "Wow, Ben Bernanke shaved off his beard!"

  2. Your private office building is mandated by the government to hold fire drills? I never heard of that before. Are you certain it was required?