Sunday, June 26, 2016

Support for Trump Plunges, Giving Clinton Double-Digit Lead

A national Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Hillary Clinton with a lead of 51 percent to 39 percent over Donald Trump.

Trump has bee  shooting himself in the foot. Now that Roger Stone/Paul Manafort are in charge will they be able to keep him on message. so that he doesn't go unpredictable until he is in the oval office?



  1. Trump is not running a serious campaign. Makes me think that the Clintons and Trump got together to have Trump run as fake opposition so Hillary could look like the more sane choice and have an easy win.

    1. I had this one guy tell me that he thinks Trump is actually a member of the Deep State in order to fully discredit capitalism when the world economy tanks when he gets into office. Granted most of us who regularly read this blog know that Trump is no less of an economic interventionist than Clinton. However most people think that there is actually a difference between the two.

  2. I drove by a contractor's box truck this morning that had Trump 2016 hand painted in big letters on the formerly all white "box" part. Someone spent some time doing that. Trump really seems to appeal to that slice of self-employed, white, working-class folks. I'm not sure what they think a Trump presidency would actually do for them or how it would change things at all for the better, but there definitely doesn't seem to be any emphasis on liberty. It's more like supporting Trump is just a big but ultimately meaningless middle finger to the political status quo. Too bad it's all a cruel, scripted affair for the benefit of Killary and the joke's on them.

  3. Trump is not even the official nominee yet! Things are just getting started and national polls don't tell you what's going on in key states that Trump must win. Remember, Trump beat at least two sitting governors, three former governors, two sitting senators, etc. when almost no one (excpept me on this blog) gave him any serious chance. Pay no attention to establishment polls and pundits this time around. New ballgame.

  4. NBC says the Hildebeast is ahead by 5 in a 2 MAN race.

    When the horserace is expanded to four candidates — including Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein — Clinton gets support from 39 percent of voters, Trump gets 38 percent, Johnson 10 percent and Stein 6 percent.


    Much like last month, Clinton leads Trump among African Americans (87 percent to 5 percent), Latinos (69 percent to 22 percent), those ages 18-34 (53 percent to 30 percent), women (52 percent to 35 percent).

    Trump, meanwhile, has the edge among whites (49 percent to 37 percent), men (48 percent to 38 percent) and independents (40 percent to 30 percent).
    Additionally, Clinton gets overwhelming support from Democrats (85 percent to 8 percent), and Trump gets similar — though slightly less — support from Republicans (79 percent to 9 percent).

  5. The problem with these polls or at least the problem with how they're touted by the media is that they never seem to include the other candidates (Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.) But once one reads the polls and finds the results that include the two third-party candidates, Hillary's lead shrinks to no more than a 10-point spread or even less than that, and in most polls where the two 3rd-Party candidates are included, Hillary's lead does not break the 50% threshold.