Sunday, June 5, 2016

Super Neocon, Ron Paul-Hater, Ben Stein is Going to Vote for Donald Trump....

 I’ll vote for him because I think he does personify a kind of national pride which I think has been lacking in the Obama days.

Yup, Stein is aware that Trump is bad on almost every issue:
Mr Trump says he can both reduce taxes and reduce the deficit. That’s complete nonsense....[IF Trump were elected President] It would get much worse. In [economic] terms, it would be a disaster...
I am absolutely … I am open-mouthed, gasping, unbelievable. But he has his charms. There must be something people like about him. I don’t get him but there must be something people like.
I’ll vote for him, by the way. 



  1. Conservatives like to present themselves as serious-minded adults surrounded by silly liberal children. The truth is they are just as dominated by sentiment, they just have different sentiments. Flags, baseball and mustangs affect them the same way words like equality and united nations affect liberals.

    1. Bingo, conservatism was never about liberty just wanting to control the jackboot thugs as opposed to the left. In election season they like to preach liberty but their track record is the direct opposite. What liberty has conservatism advanced since Saint Reagan? I cant think of any

  2. I always lose respect instantly when "Ron Paul hater" describes the person.
    Kiss off Ben. Who cares what you think.