Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rasmussen Poll: Trump Takes the Lead

The latest Rasmussen Reports poll of Likely U.S. Voters shows Trump with 43% of the vote, while Clinton earns 39%. Twelve percent like another candidate, and five percent are undecided.

Last week, it was Clinton 44%, Trump 39%.

Comments Rasmussen:
Trump made a major speech on jobs and trade on Tuesday that even the New York Times characterized as “perhaps the most forceful case he has made for the crux of his candidacy …. that the days of globalism have passed and that a new approach is necessary.” Some also speculate that last week’s vote in Great Britain to leave the European Union signals a rise of economic nationalism that is good for Trump.
The latest terrorist carnage - this week in Istanbul, Turkey - also may be helping Trump who is arguing for a harsher response to radical Islam than Clinton. 
The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on June 28-29, 2016

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  1. Can we really believe there was a ten point swing in just a week? These polls have a high margin of error, or are measuring different things.