Monday, June 6, 2016

No Hillary Clinton Indictment

President Obama, after months of sitting on the sidelines, is now ready to aggressively campaign for Hillary Clinton, starting with a formal endorsement of her candidacy as early as this week, reports NYT.

The White House is in active conversations with Clinton’s campaign about how and where the president would be useful to her, according to senior aides to Obama, reports the paper.

These discussions would not be going on if Clinton was facing criminal charges.

This is a very clear signal that Hillary Clinton will not get indicted over her private email server activity.



  1. No doubt she's committed crimes worthy of indictment. Obama is just going to ignore any indictments from the FBI.

  2. they had to. Hilary pulling out of the race in some way would destroy the democrats chances of holding on to the white house.

  3. Wrong. Obama doesn't know what the FBI will recommend.