Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gary North on the Libertarian Case for Hillary Clinton

I am not sure Gary North agrees with me on this but you really want the most hated, ineffectual person in power, when all the choices are aggressive interventionists. 

When it comes to Trump versus Clinton. Hillary is far and away the winner. Who really wants the masses all jazzed up over tariffs, US boots on the ground in the Middle East, attacks on Libya, etc., the way Tump would get a significant portion of the masses?

There is no doubt Hillary (and her staff) would do terrible things, but they can't come close to what a "great leader" can do.

Dr. North makes my case for Hillary:
 [C]harisma-challenged..., the woman may be indicted by the justice department for her unguarded emails. Maybe she won’t go to prison, but she will spend her Presidency dealing with subpoenas and legal responses. What kind of agenda is this?...
 [I]f she is elected, will she face a united and implacable Republican-dominated Congress? Will she get any piece of partisan legislation through this Congress in the first two years? Any President who comes up empty handed in the first two years is finished for the next two. 

I want to make clear. I am not endorsing Hillary, She would do terrible things as president, but I fear the  "great leader" more.



  1. RW your line of argument on Hillary v. Trump is getting a bit absurd. From everything that has ever been written about HRC, she harbors the same abitions (and has the same personality flaws) as you ascribe to Trump, only more so. What really scares me is that she has a lot more to prove and, so, will be just that much more reckless in domestic and foreign policy than Trump (who can at least fall back on all of his business accomplishments which Hillary cannot). And remember, if she wins an overwhelming victory (which Trumps enemies in the Republican Party are practically insuring) the Dems take the Senate and, perhaps, even the House. So who stops the insecure but power lusting Hillary then?

    1. The only thing absurd is libertarian support of Trump. He'll be a Teddy Roosevelt-style executive order machine. With Hillary we're getting more of the same, and she'll be under such intense legal scrutiny that she's unlikely to rock the boat. I won't be voting for either of these clowns, but right now I'm less aftaid of the devil I know.

      The proper libertarian position is to keep our hands clean and support NO ONE.

  2. I agree with this theory in some areas, but Hillary could be very effective in launching wars since she's a woman. The media will simply attribute it to female empowerment.

  3. Geez, you never Trumpers are becoming tedious. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is positively pathological. Trump isn't going to do even half of the things he claims. There is this little matter of the other 2 branches of government, separation of powers, political horse trading, etc. Trump is doing what every politician does, which is find out which lies the voters want to hear and then telling them with as much phony sincerity as he can muster.

    As to Gary North, his claim that Hillary could be indicted is ludicrous. Any one with even half a clue knows that isn't going to happen, especially since Obama has just endorsed her! She will have absolutely no legal worries regarding subpoenas, depositions or anything else. The Clintons get away with everything. That's what makes them so dangerous. North's assumption that Republicans will hold one or both houses of Congress is extremely dubious. If the Retardpublican establishment steals the nomination from Trump they will destroy what is left of their party. You can't screw millions of enthusiastic voters and expect them to forgive, forget and fall in line like proper drones.

    Both choices are bad but Hillary has demonstrated time and time again that she is a world class war monger, extremely devious, full of terrible ideas and the head of a global criminal enterprise. That makes her even worse than The Donald.

  4. Both candidates are authoritarians. We should condemn them both and try to put up a minarchist, austro-libertarian for the LP in 2020.

  5. It's impossible to know, of course, but I fear Hillary pushing the button because she's a pent-up, nasty bitch, and I see in Trump a buffoon who nevertheless has nothing to prove and might even have fun ratcheting down world tensions. Rumor has it that Trump is well-loved by the people who work for him, while Hideous Hillary screams at everybody routinely. Disclaimer: I'm not voting for either of them myself.