Thursday, June 30, 2016

Donald Trump to Rand Paul's Former Digital Strategist "You're Fired!"

Well, that was fast.

Vincent Harris, an Austin-based Republican digital strategist who previously had done work for Rand Paul's presidential campaign, issued a series of posts Thursday on Twitter saying that he and his firm had “completed our various creative projects” for the Trump campaign

His social media posts followed a report in Fast Company that he had been fired for leaking the news of his own hiring.

“We were not fired,” Harris countered on Twitter.

“While out of pocket & on vacation w my wife, someone leaked our involvement w/ Trump. The leak did not come from me or us,” Harris wrote. “Not sure where leak came from but lots of people on campaign, from large tech companies, & RNC knew we were doing work for Trump's agency.”

POLITICO first reported on Tuesday that Harris and his firm Harris Media had been hired to help Trump’s digital operation.

“I wish all involved good things! have reflected & learned from this commotion,” Harris wrote. “Very proud of Harris Media team and our continued groundbreaking work for candidates and causes in USA and globally!

(via Politico)

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