Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Chris Christie Calls for a Military Strike in Response to Orlando Attack

“It is unacceptable to allow this type of stuff (the Orlando attack)) in our country and for us to not fight back,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told the “Boomer and Carton” show on WFAN sports radio. “We’ve got to fight back.”

“It is not our fault this hate exists in the world,” Christie continued implicitly denying blowback.

“You’ve got to get over there and make them pay where they live,” Christie said.

Didn't the attacker live in Florida? Does Christie have a plan to surgically bomb self-hating Muslim gays?



  1. I think most terrorist acts are blowback. This was a mentally unstable individual who was angry about US foreign policy.

  2. Mateen was an American citizen, born in America. How will bombing innocent people in Afghanistan, or anywhere else for that matter, stop another American from committing an atrocity in the United States?

  3. Yet another example of why Chrissy Christie was the most execrable candidate seeking the Republican nomination for King of the World. And that's saying something, considering the high level of excrement in the overall pool of candidates.