Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ben Affleck Goes on Profanity-laced DeflateGate Rant

A Boston native lets it all out, Boston style.

Just an advisory for those of you thinking about attending this.




  1. As a Patriots fan going back to the Plunkett years, I TOTALLY agree with Ben here. :)

    What the NFL did was truly awful in many ways, the result being a dose of EXTRA parity - especially for the AFC East teams who are tired of playing second to a winning organization. There was also a feeling that this witch hunt was designed to further punish the Pats for Spygate (another incident blown way out of proportion). Success breeds contempt.

  2. Totally agree with Ben on this. That audience was on some kind horse tranquilizer. What is completely expected of someone suffering from cognitive dissonance like Ben, is that his mistrust for the NFL and its position as highly politicized central authority with many an axe to grind would never carry over to and infect his trust, love and obedience to state power.

  3. Deflategate: Controversy is due to Scientist Error
    "The “unexplained” additional loss of pressure can be unequivocally seen to occur as a result of Jastremski setting pressure after gloving, rather than before. This is a complete explanation, which precludes tampering after referee measurement."

  4. 1. This isn't about civil liberties. There's a CBA, and it gives Goodell the authority to do what he has. He would very likely have reduced the suspension by half or more if Brady had shown respect for the authority the CBA gave Goodell.

    2. Brady wasn't asked to give over his cell phone, but to meet with them and hold up the phone showing specific texts they asked to see.

    1. 3. The substance part has been about whether the footballs had been messed with by a Patriot equipment person AFTER they had been turned over to the officials to test the pressure, not before. So what Eli Manning or Aaron Rogers say they do to the balls before that’s happened is irrelevant.

  5. Affleck prefers to "keep his opinions to himself." Really?! Football is entertainment and Affleck knows this industry well. And he knows that controversy sells.