Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ann Coulter on a Great Leader

She tweets:
Trump's speech today was Churchillian, only better. 
Does she have any idea what the hell she is saying?

Churchill was pure evil.


  1. Ahhhhh! Salesmen.

  2. She might know what she's saying, but it doesn't matter. One of the requirements of MSM membership is overt Churchill Idolatry.

  3. I don't particularly care for the Butcher of Dresden, so Coulter's words are bunk to me - but they almost always are. She never disappoints in that regard.

  4. Two great books to read that debunk Churchill the war monger and mass murderer - "Churchill, Hitler and The Unnecessary War" by Pat Buchanan and "Great Wars & Great Leaders" by Ralph Raico.

    In order to be a conservative in good standing you are required to idolize the Holy Trinity of conservatism - Lincoln, Churchill and Reagan. Yuck!