Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Self-Hating Gay Nutjob Shoots Up Gay Bar and Even Diamond & Silk Juice Up the Islam Hate

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  1. Bob, you do realize that you are regurgitating exactly what the media wants spouted. It seems he actually was gay, or, ahem, swung both ways, as he has had two wives, both attractive. Whether he was self-hating or not is pure speculation.

    I understand why the left wants to divert attention away from the Muslim component. But some on the right's desire to do the same grates. Culture does actually matter. So does religion. There is no Magic Dirt that strips these away to make the immigrant an "American," even generations later. That Mateen is quoted as referring to "my country," when said country is NOT the US (or America) but rather Afghanistan is relevant. So is his religion. Regardless of how contradictory his behavior, there is a definite Muslim element. Certainly you saw the recent Drudge post on Afghani (in particular, but the same is common in many countries) adult male predilections for young males. The No True Scotsman fallacy is on display here.

    Since this took place at a Trump rally, he would be a preferable candidate because he could be considered a moderate nationalist and fascist. The alternative will end up being the ultra-nationalist of the sort ready and willing to resort to crematoria. Hillary won't likely be able to get that far, but her successor(s) will almost certainly be not just a little worse. That is the kind of possible unintended consequence you will see by supporting her. She might fail in a lot of the ways you speculate, but there is no reason she could not double down on the immigration (invasion, really) tsunami that Obama has unleashed. That only means the conflict will be that much worse. The conflict is already here. There is no avoiding it or denying it at this point.