Thursday, May 12, 2016

Woodward: Washington Post Assigns 20 Reporters to Dig Into Trump's Past

The Washington Post has assigned 20 reporters to look into every aspect of Donald Trump's past, according to associate editor, Bob Woodward.

"There's a lot we don't know," Woodward told the National Association of Realtors convention, according to The Washington Examiner. "We have 20 people working on Trump, we're going to do a book, we're doing articles about every phase of his life."

Woodward himself is looking into Trump's real estate deals, he said, saying that "The New York real estate world is more complex than the CIA."

He said that Bezos has urged the Post to run as many stories on Trump and the other candidates so that voters can't say they didn't know about the eventual president.

"He said, 'Look the job at the Washington Post has to be tell us everything about who the eventual nominee will be in both parties, 15 part, 16 part series, 20 part series, we want to look at every part of their lives and we're never going get the whole story of course but we can get the best attainable," said Woodward.

 -RW UPDATE Tom DiLorenzo writes:
You know, just like they did with Obama, Clinton.


  1. Off topic: I don't know if you saw this, but it was pretty amusing apparently Con. Justin Amash is not as aware of Austrian Econ as it seems.

    It started when Raimondo wrote an article criticizing Amash in an article.

    Then it quickly moved to Twitter, but the most interesting was when Jeff Deist got involved.

    "Re @justinamash as "next Ron Paul"- In Ron's office we liked and respected Amash, but his staff was awful GOP hacks" - @jeffdeist

    Then @JustinAmash posted back:

    ".@jeffdeist I don't know you, but your tweet implies you don't understand libertarianism. My staff can run libertarian circles around you."

    If you have all those photos of Austrian economists on your office wall that were probably bought from LVMI I would hope you would know who the President of the Mises Institute was...

    1. Can't say I'm surprised about Amash- maybe he does the Bachmann thing when he's on vacation.

  2. Yeah, the lamestream media dinosaurs did a thorough job for the American public when it came to informing them on every aspect of Barry, didn't they? LMAO!