Saturday, May 14, 2016

Today I Thought About Taking Me and My Beard Into the Neighborhood Elementary School Girls' Restroom

By Shane Kastler
I’m a 42-year-old man with a full beard.  This morning I contemplated walking into my friendly neighborhood elementary school and demanding that they allow me to use the girl’s restroom.  If I did this, I assume I would have been met with resistance.  I HOPE I would have been met with resistance.  At which point, I could simply say, “YOU MUST let me use the little girl’s room….the President says so.”  They would probably have argued that I have no legal nor rational reason to even be on the premises and thus King Obama’s edict doesn’t apply to me.  I could just as easily have responded that little Johnny Cross-dresser has no legal nor rational reason to be in the little girls room either.  Nevertheless, King Obama has decreed it so.
Of course, my argument would be, “I’m being DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!”  How dare you make me feel unwanted and shamed!  How dare you provide an environment that refuses to be inclusive to 42-year-old bearded men who wish to use the little girls room!  My civil rights are at stake!  In philosophical theory, using the President’s rationale, the school would have no leg to stand on.  He is “anti-discrimination” and I am being “discriminated against.”  End of story.  But wait, there’s more.
Barack Obama today instructed his Attorney General, Loretta Lynch to send a letter to all  public schools in America decreeing that children are to be allowed to use whichever bathroom they “identify with” on that particular day.  According to the Obama administration, this is the only way to prevent the hurt feelings and ostracizing of the confused youngsters in question.  The Department of Education also got involved as Education Secretary John King wrote: "No student should ever have to go through the experience of feeling unwelcome at school or on a college campus.  We must ensure that our young people know that whoever they are or wherever they come from, they have the opportunity to get a great education in an environment free from discrimination, harassment and violence."  Does King really mean this?  Does he really want "no student to feel unwelcome?"  What if the student is a serial rapist?  Do we want him to feel welcomed and included?  What if the student is a serial killer? Do we want him to feel welcomed and included?  Let's be honest.  There are some legitimate reasons to discriminate.  Keeping males out of female bathrooms is legitimate discrimination.  And doing otherwise is legitimate insanity.  But insanity rules the day these days.
Please follow the logic if you can.  If little confused boys who want to be girls desire to urinate in the girl’s bathroom in order to boost their self-esteem.  Then your President says we must accommodate that because your Education Secretary says if we don’t then we are creating an environment that involves “discrimination, harassment, and violence.”  So little Johnny/Jane will be psychologically damaged for life if we don’t let him pee with the girls!?!  Could it be that little Johnny/Jane is already suffering from some psychosis when he wants to wear a dress and pee with girls!?!  Just a thought.  And what about your young daughter’s right to feel safe in the bathroom?  The Obama administration doesn’t care about her.  But what about her rights being violated and her being discriminated against for wanting boys out of the restroom?  The Obama administration is more than eager to discriminate against her.  Why?  Because she’s not a potentially gay, future Democrat Party voter (if you want to know the truth).  Obama is aghast at discrimination.  Unless it’s against groups he hates.  Then DISCRIMATE AWAY!  Here are some possible solutions I would suggest for those who haven’t yet drunk the Obama Kool-Aid.
Number one.  Abolish the Federal Department of Education post-haste.  There is no constitutional merit for such a department and the decrees that ooze out of Washington are proof positive that this a Department full of fat cats getting rich on tax dollars while performing no legitimate service to the country.  Education is supposed to occur within the local government.  In fact, I would argue for full privatization of education whereby parent’s come together and start schools (or homeschool) in accordance with their own educational beliefs.  They also fund the schools (kind of like we do at private schools now).  Then when “Daddy Rich” in Washington threatens to cut off the supply line the local school board can lovingly tell him to shove it.  And make no mistake this is exactly what the Feds are doing.  Non-compliance with the Federal bathroom police will lead to lawsuits against your school and the removal of federal funding.  Obama is that crazy.  And so are his minions.  So in response we should say goodbye to the Department of Education.  We’ll save billions in wasted money for a cabinet level bureaucracy that does nothing of worth anyway.
Solution number two.  Consider removing your kids from the public (i.e., government) schools.  And by all means do this if the Federal government follows through on the threats to force “gender inclusion” down the throats of sane Americans.  Historically, schools have been locally controlled.  This scenario works much, much better because the local school board, with close input from the parents, can decide what they want or don’t want in an education.  It involves parents coming together and hiring teachers to teach what they deem important.  And to avoid what they deem dangerous.  But when Ivy league hacks in Washington presume to DECREE educational policy to you, then it’s time to hit the eject button.  To call Obama’s bizarre form of indoctrination, “education” is to completely redefine what education means
Solution number three.  Ignore Obama’s illegal decree.  Local schools should continue to insist that boys use the boys room and girls use the girls room.  For all of the pious mantra about how “the kids are the most important thing.”  It’s clear that Obama’s top priority is not children, and none of you should be surprised at that.  When he declared after being re-elected in 2012, that Gay Rights was one of his TOP THREE priorities, you should have seen where he was going with that.  Sexual deviants in your daughter’s bathroom is just the tip of the iceberg.  It will get much, much worse.  I would simply refuse to enforce his mandates and let the chips fall where they may.
In closing, maybe a new President will make things better.   Maybe not.  Either way, the current system of governmental indoctrination from Washington on down to your local school is a total disaster.  Some of the teachers on the local level are good and are striving to save your kids.  But it’s a lost cause because there is a MASSIVE system working against them.  The Feds seek to indoctrinate your kids, not just on math and science, but even on sexual norms and biological realities.  Parents should think long and hard as to whether or not they will leave their kids in such a system, where regardless of how godly a teacher might be, the VERY SYSTEM is designed to undermine both godly parents and teachers, and create instead rainbow-clad children of the Obama Reich.  Daily pledging their allegiance to him and daily wondering why their parents are so bigoted toward the “transgendered.”  The lunacy has to stop and only the parents and people can stop it.  We are past the point of “Red Alert” with this President.  I’m sorry to inform you, if you haven’t figured it out yet:  He is a first class charlatan.  He is on a wide road that leads to destruction.  His minions in his cabinet are fully on board with the psychosis.  And he wants to take YOUR KIDS with him.  But that, my friends, is STILL up to you.  So decide what’s important and live with the consequences, either way.  Yesterday the teachers and administrators might have still possessed a modicum of authority.  But today, Johnny/Jane and his Master Obama have officially taken over.  It’s your move now.
Shane Kastler is Pastor at the Heritage Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA and Co-Host; "Church & State" KELB Radio, 100.5 FM. He blogs at The Narrow Road.

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  1. There's only one solution needed, a final one.