Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SERIOUS EVIL Anti-Marijuana, Neocon Billionaire Joins Trump-RNC Fund Raising Team

The former Ambassador Mel Sembler  has been named to the joint Trump-RNC fundraising team. 

This guy is total bad news.

Right Web reports:
Sembler has been a consistent supporter of militarist advocacy campaigns for many years, serving on the board of trustees of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and joining Adelson to help bankroll the lobbying group Freedom’s Watch, which was founded in 2007 in part to promote the hardline Middle East agenda pushed by the George W. Bush administration. 
Sembler also supported the Liz Cheney-led pressure group Keep America Safe (KAS). Established in 2009 to create political ads attacking Democrats and promote a hawkish view of U.S. security, KAS advisers have included neoconservative pundits William Kristol and Michael Goldfarb. Discussing his support for the group, Sembler told Newsweek, “I love Liz Cheney and what she's doing," stating that he intended to be "as supportive [of KAS] as my budget will allow."...
As a funder and organizer of Freedom’s Watch, a group whose supporters included former Bush White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, Sembler placed himself at the center of Bush administration efforts to garner support for the “surge” in Iraq and for get-tough policies on Iran, as well as domestic issues like immigration. Soon after it was founded in 2007, Freedom’s Watch went on the offensive in support of these issues, creating a series of television ads that proclaimed “victory is America’s only choice.”

Sembler also is an activist against medical marijuana. The East Bay Express reports:
On Friday, billionaire drug war profiteer Mel Sembler vowed to raise $10 million to defeat Measure 2 [a medical marijuna initiative]. 
Sembler told a Florida reporter that: “We’re trying to save lives and people’s brains,” the Drug Free America founder said. “It’s not a medicine.”...In 2012, The Nation magazine called the strip mall developer Sembler the GOP Mogul behind drug treatment “torture” centers shut down for child abuse allegations. Sembler has taken hundreds of thousands of federal tax dollars to push workplace drug testing

In politics, follow the money players to know what candidates are really all about.

Sembler wouldn't go near Trump if he wasn't comfortable with Trump's position on overseas military interventions and domestically Trump's position on the "drug war."


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  1. My dream is to encounter one of these wannabe tough-guy upper crust hawks in a polite social setting and say "It's sounds to me like you're a coward who murders children because you're afraid of Muslims. You're just big fat wuss." Preferably in front of his children.