Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ron Paul on Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

Dr. Ron Paul writes at the Ron Paul Liberty Report:
It's automatically assumed that Hillary would be ten times worse than Donald Trump as President. But is this assumption true? Who knows? We really don't know what to expect from a President Trump.

However, we do know what Hillary is all about, and Congress would at least be able to put some breaks on her.

Another very important thing to consider is Hillary's positions. They're really not a whole lot different than Trump's. In fact, I believe that if Hillary had exactly the same views and ran as a Republican, she would actually do quite well!

I discuss this, as well as other facets of the presidential race, on Newsmax TV below: (NOTE: I join the program at 2min 15sec)

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  1. A Trump presidency really could be a disaster for the libertarian brand. Whatever insane statist ideas Trump cooks up, they will be caricatured in the press and popular culture as manifestations of unbridled capitalism just because there's a white alpha billionaire businessman at the helm, and that's what libertarianism is in many letfists' imagination. If Trump wins now, we'll get Lenin in 8 years.

    But if Hillary wins....