Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Peter Thiel Has Been Secretly Funding Hulk Hogan's Mukti-Million Dollar Lawsuits Against Gawker

So claims Forbes.

Of course, Walter Block has argued that in a libertraian society libel is not a violation of the non-aggression principle. (SEE:Defending The Undefendable)



  1. Which is why he should never accused the NYT of libel.

  2. Just because you don't own your reputation doesn't mean that a restitutable offense is not generated through libel or slander, and that means force was initiated by the libeling person.

    If Walter Block is walking peacefully through a mostly minority neighborhood, and I run door to door, knocking on the door of each resident, and I yell "That KKK guy who murdered people in the neighborhood is walking down the street!", then if Walter Block is beaten, the guys who actually did the beating should pay most of the restitution, however, I don't see how I wouldn't have also initiated the force and be partially responsible for the restitution.

    1. Unknown, there are actually commenters on this site that say that a target caller for a shooter is not violating the NAP, and is just exercising free speech.

    2. IMHO, anyone you could legitimately shoot in self-defense is violating the NAP. Shooting someone calling you out as a target (or in my earlier example, me going door-to-door to incite violence against Walter Block) would be totally legitimate self-defense.

    3. I fully agree with you. It is shocking the number of libertarians that don't get this.