Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oh Boy, Mark Cuban Says Hillary Clinton's People Want to Meet with Him

The billionaire mogul and reality TV star  says that Clinton’s people want to chat with him after he said he’d be open to the VP position, reports the Daily Beast.

According to Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner and star on ABC’s Shark Tank, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has been trying for the past month to schedule a meeting with him.

But the Clinton campaign also apparently reached out to Cuban on Sunday, two days after a widely circulated online Meet the Press clip posted showing him saying that he’d be willing to consider the vice-presidential slot on her ticket.

“Someone who works directly for me used to work in the White House,” Cuban told The Daily Beast, explaining how the campaign got in touch. “They reached out to [my employee] to see if a meeting with someone in her camp could be set up. Didn’t say who [or] when.”

Cuban then added, according to the Daily Beast, that he didn’t want to “overstate any intent”—just that Team Hillary is apparently interested in a sit-down; there was no specification that the conversation would be about the VP position.

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