Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Official Trailer: Clinton Cash

Two points here:

1. If we are going to live in a crony state, I would much rather have a crony in charge who takes bribes, rather than a megalomaniac who doesn't need the money and isn't afraid to challenge anyone.

Breitbart is up in arms at what the Clinton Cash documentary exposes:
The allegations are as brazen as they are controversial: What other film at Cannes would come up with a plot that involves Russian President Vladimir Putin wrangling a deal with the alleged help of both Clintons, a Canadian billionaire, Kazakhstan mining officials and the Russian atomic energy agency — all of which resulted in Putin gaining control of 20 percent of all the uranium in the U.S.?
I have heard it said that Hillary would get us into war with Russia, but this documentary shows that Bill and Hillary are on the damn Russian payroll! Hillary is not going to get us into a war with Russia.

Point 2. I always love documentaries that expose the criminal elite. Maybe at some point, it will sink into the heads of the masses that it is the state and its creation of central power points that results in the cronyism.


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