Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Noam Chomsky on Whether the Rise of Trump Resembles the Rise of Fascism in 1930s Germany

I am really not big on Hitler comparisons (Especially when done by fans of Mao), but Chomsky does get the white male anger correct. And I am fearful of what could come under a Trump presidency. There wouldn't be ovens, but lots and lots of federal police can not be ruled out (In addition to US military aggression overseas---and large doses of corporatist central economic planning.)




  1. I don't care for Trump but Chomsky's analysis is too simplistic. As if the political/economic status quo is beneficial to any group other than a small elite who get showered with the largesse of printed and borrowed money. But, ya know, according to liberal/left gatekeepers of the academy like Chomsky those working class white folks are simply just "rayciss."

  2. Trump supporters think life is a Rocky movie and they're each the star. Right now they're down and out, but with some tough love from their no nonsense get things done coach they'll montage their way to victory and get back on top. The real danger comes when their expectations run up against cold hard reality. What will this crowd get enthusiastic about when Trump fails to deliver?

    1. To many of these people Trump can do no wrong. They don't care that he isn't anti-war, supports unions and an increase in the minimum wage with the last two being liberal positions. To them as long as he supports a police state for certain groups, makes the left angry and slams around the media he's greater than sliced bread.

  3. To the Idiot Left, everyone to the right of Lenin is Hitler. It's laughable.